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Scoutabout is a web and mobile application that provides an innovative space for users to create and share visual, information-packed collages which are interactive mobile itineraries for cities worldwide using user-curated content. At the intersection of this addictive collage board is a compelling social and commerce opportunity.

Merchants open virtual stores and sell products. Users browse guides created by other users in cities worldwide, save either entire guides or places, events and products within the guide and create their own unique guides based on a particular interest or theme, such as, “I Promised You a Picnic.”

As a social platform for lifestyle and travel, Scoutabout is redefining how people around the world discover, create and share what they love. Scoutabout provides a venue for interesting local places, events and merchants to be discovered, and it’s because our users are recommending them in a very authentic way. In tandem, other users viewing and saving guides created by those in ‘the know,” gain confidence they can explore any city in the world, and do it like a local, not a tourist.

Ultimately, we’re here to democratize creativity, promote local business, love our users and help turn their online discoveries into authentic life experiences at home and in cities worldwide.


In June 2011, True North, founder of North Technologies, embarked on a six-month, 20,000-mile journey across the US collecting primary-source data with the dream of creating a mobile travel app. She returned to Portland, set up the LLC, recruited Kristy Gateley as project manager/chief technical engineer and contracted four data-entry specialists. A developer was selected in India, PURA Marketing was secured to provide market-research analysis, True created the design and wireframes, Kristy worked on backend development and the data team set about verifying the nearly 15,000 local “favorites” residents had given her. The enthusiasm of people around the country confirmed there was an audience for a travel app created from local recommendations. Initial development plus market research revealed that a web-based, user-curated product with mobile capability had much greater customer value and global revenue potential. True’s original dream evolved into Scoutabout, a web and mobile app that will allow users to create mini-city guides in cities worldwide.




♥ A little about True North, Founder. ♥

I founded this company because I am passionate about travel and experiencing the soul of a city. I’m a recovering Army NCO and personal trainer, thru-hike junkie, high-ropes repelling mama, explorer, possibilitarian, champion of local business and living green, lover of buttered sourdough and pirate, because those of us crazies who consciously choose to start a startup are not wired to live on land, where life is safe, secure and predictable.

My previous ventures including BeFit Portland (Co-Founder & CEO), Mrs. Britt’s Soup (Partner & Public Figure), Sugar ‘n Spice Cake Shop (Owner) and Heirloom Custom Cards (Owner). I suppose I’m most passionate about collaborating, bringing to life good ideas that enrich lives and having a great time doing it. I’m a big proponent of play.

I was born with an innate sense of balance, reverence and curiosity. I love photography and am crazy-happy when I’m behind the lens. I enjoy people, visiting them in their environments and listening their unique stories. Experiences such as planning and thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, working in the belly of a crab boat in the Bearing Sea and raising four children to adulthood have helped me discover what I’m made of, developed resilience, commitment, determination and taught me how to maintain a positive attitude in the face of uncertainty.

I am continually recreating myself as I live this amazing life and navigate the cosmology of my soul. I believe peace is our natural state of being and that health is a direct extension of being authentic and at peace with our self. I am grateful for the loving presence of truly amazing people in my life, my advisors, and for my beloved teacher. As founder, my roll in this company is the keeper of the Vision: to create a lasting, high-value product that gives people the ability to have a truly unique travel experience. And, of course, it must be done in a cute helmet and a skirt to twirl in.


7 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hey True!

    Am having SUCH a great time following your journey! WOW! Looks like you are having SUCH a blast!!! Sorry I missed your birthday, but better late than never. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    BTW, True, you are extremely talented as a photographer. You have such a great ‘eye’. Maybe I should hire you for my projects when you get back! 🙂

    Very much enjoying your writing as well.

    When are we going to see some shots of YOU!?!

    Have a great time. Keep the updates and photos coming!

    All the best,

  2. Dear True,

    You’re doing a terrific job of reporting on each city…loved both your caption and comments especially on Detroit. Also your picture taking, especially now with the
    slide show that shows them off better, is super. One minor slip…when you compared an area of Indianapolis with the Orcas village…I think you meant to say
    Eastsound. Beside that…keep enjoying what you’re doing for I look forward to following you…

    Love and Hugs,


  3. Hey True!

    Loving you sharing your journey! Looks like you are experiencing some very interesting and exciting places! What a wonderful life experience this must be for you!

    Now, about more photos of YOU… we’re waiting! 🙂

    Happy trails!


  4. What a wonderful journey! You are a great soul on a great adventure, and you’re making it count. No dress rehearsal here! Really spectacular photography and wonderful writing and reporting! I am proud of you and blessed to know you! 🙂
    Much, much love!

  5. True you are Truly an amazing person and I appreciate everything about you! Safe travels, I miss my workout partner and am ready for you to be home but no hurry I am just losing a lot of muscle (no BIG deal).. lol.. Miss ya!

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