Portland Startup Weekend

Spring-Logo-0309-2013It’s here! Portland Startup Weekend.

Last Saturday I attended Startup Weekend bootcamp in preparation for the Portland Startup Weekend this Friday through Sunday. Super helpful!! Startup Weekend is an intense 54-hour event that focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The event brings together people with different skillsets – primarily Hackers: software developers, Hipsters: graphics designers and Hustlers: business people – to build applications and develop a viable business model around them.

The weekend goes like this: Friday evening the Hustlers pitch their projects to everyone present. After 50-100 pitches votes are cast and the 12-15 projects with the highest number of votes begin the process of building teams based on the skills needed to design, code, generate a business model, develop a marketing strategy and “launch” the project – which basically means being thorough enough that they can convince the judges that 1) they know their customer’s problem, 2) they’ve built the minimum “solution” to ease the customer’s problem, 3) proven there’s a market for the product, and 4) proven it is viable (will make money).

In preparation for the weekend, I’ve prepared a brief survey that will allow our team to understand our customer’s travel / lifestyle needs and ensure we’re hitting the mark. As a potential customer, understanding YOUR needs is critical to us because, if you have no issues we can help another team, but if you do, we want to build YOU something that will actually ease those issues and elevate your travel or urban discovery experience.

The event starts this coming Friday evening (April 26th), so if you could help us out by taking a few moments to complete the survey, we’d be sooooo sincerely grateful!

XO – True

Here’s the link:



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