Island Time

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I’m a fair-weather girl at heart. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the seasons…and the galoshes, and snow blowers, and fifteen layers of clothing it takes to survive a winter in the Northwest. Still, put rain, sleet and hail behind Door #1 and sunshine, beaches and roller blades behind Door #2, and, well, you get the point.

Do you remember the scene in Smokey and the Bandit when Sally Field frees herself of a wedding gown while sailing along the highway in an open convertible? First the veil flies away, then the shoes get tossed, and finally the dress is heaved over her head. This is what driving to Key West is like. As one drives through the chain of keys linked by The Overseas Highway, cares are flung into the shimmering emerald waters one by one. This is the beauty of the keys and the blessed road that takes one there.

Welcome to Key West; land of scooters and flip-flops, palm trees and Island Time. Besides the beach, volleyball, and strolling town, check out Ernest Hemingway’s home, the Key West Lighthouse, White Street Pier and Fort Zackery Taylor State Park Historical Site. Take a picture at the US Hwy 1 “0-mile” marker and the Southern-Most Point of the US at the end of Whitehead and South Street. Visit the Civil War Memorial and the USS Mohawk, ride the Conch Tour Train and see Mallory Square. Buy fresh coconuts from a roadside vendor, visit the Audubon House, San Carlos Theater, Key West Winery, Waterfront Playhouse Theater and Clinton Square Market. Enjoy a Key West Conch Apple Fritter and step into Kermit”s for a slice of the best Key Lime Pie you’ll ever taste.

I had the opportunity to experience the Florida Keys with my sister-in-law and nephew, who live in Miami. It was a magical day I will treasure forever. xoxo


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