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Build it in Orlando and they will come.

Come they do!

I’ve been on the road for four months now. Of the cities I’ve traveled, none has been as “touristy” as Orlando. What can I say, when you’ve got sunshine, loads of land, and investors with deep pockets, it’s bound to happen. Tourists are everywhere. E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! Even those who live here admit to being tourists. Yep! It’s a strange phenomena. Folks who live in Orlando are from somewhere else (okay, 99% of the time, they are). What’s the draw to Orlando? Hmmm…let’s see. Sunshine, loads of land, and investors with deep pocket. The question is, when you visit Orlando, “Are you a traveler or a tourist?” Think about it.

Here’s what a traveler in Orlando might do: make-your-own pancakes at The Sugar Mill (a long table with fruit, choc chips, nuts, etc…YUM!), visit the Buddhist Temple grounds, walk around Lake Eola, find a good read at Brightlight Books, get tea at Pom Pom’s, drive to Kennedy Space Center, do the Orlando City Walk ($20 for 7 night clubs…now, that’ll keep anyone entertained), listen to live music at The Social or The House of Beer, meander through City Arts Factory and Blank Space Art Gallery, visit beautiful Cocoa Beach, take in an Indie flick at the Enzian Theater, canoe at a state park, make a day of it at Gatorland (alligator habitat), play mini-golf at Tiki Island, drive the 429 and check out the orange groves, get a bite to eat at Tijuana Flats. Still need your Disney fix? Try the Fun Spot Action Park. (It’s the local’s theme park).

Last but not least, drive the “I” (only tourists call it International Drive), and watch the tourists. Have a good time. That, my friends, is what vacationing is all about!


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