Love in Lowcountry

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 The day I rolled into Charleston the city was buzzing with excitement. It had just won the title, “Most Vacationed City in America.” I stuck my head in the Visitor’s Info Center and got the low-down skinny. I then asked the greeter where he’d take his sister if she came to Charleston; what she’d have to do/see to experience the Charleston he knew and loved. He rattled off what I already knew were the tourist destinations/traps, so I asked him if he had a favorite bakery or bookstore. He looked troubled and rattled off the same places he’d just mentioned. It was clear that every visitor got the same speal; the restaurant, hotel and attraction owners were in kahootz.  Outside the Info Center visitors were being excorted to awaiting buses. I vowed to find everything unique, unusual, free, or cheap that I could, for their sake. With a little asking and exploring, there were over 200 things that fit the bill.

I adore Charleston. It is beautiful, historic and alluring; a romantic lover seeking some darling to enchant. Want to experience Lowcountry? Accept its invitation to the dance floor, lean into it, let it lead, give yourself to it completely, set aside your inhibitions…and fall in love.

Here’s just a smidgen of what Charleston has to offer: Allutte’s Cafe, Rainbow Row and south of Broad Street, Marion Square Farmer’s Market, Charleston Harbor, Jack’s, Folly Beach, stroll King Street, Angel Oak, Alchemy Coffee, Waterfront Park, Toast, watch the harbor from a swing on the Pier, Redux Contemporary Art Studio, sweet tea, Caviar & Bananas, Communication Museum, Blue Bicycle Books, Gallery Row, the Battery, Terrace Theater, Halsey Museum, Fort Moultrie, shrimp & grits, Ravenel Bridge at sunset, Calhoun Mansion, Palmetto Island Park, Postal Museum, and The Rec Room.


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