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Atlanta has no problem expressing itself, and it does so boldly. It’s walls and tunnels and people are covered in art. Cardinal red up-do’s. Sprayed walls. Inked bodies. It’s life expressed carte blanche. No sir, there’s nothing mousy about Atlanta. This sweet peach makes room for those ready to explore, experiment and express themselves.

Atlanta was MLK Jr’s turf. He was born, raised, and preached right here. Want to feel your heart swoon? Sit on the porch of the modest home he was raised in, walk his boyhood street, and stand in the amber light glow at the door of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Need more yanking on your heart? Visit his tomb at Freedom Plaza.

Atlanta and cooking go hand and hand. Cooks down here will tell you they have no need for recipes, instead they rely on their senses; seeing, feeling, listening, smelling and tasting the food. Whatever their secret it, it’s been perfected. Trust me, I was in hog heaven at the Flying Biscuit.

Atlanta is home to CNN, Centennial Olympic Park (1996 Summer Olympics), the King Center, High Museum of Art, Margaret Mitchell’s home, museum & grave, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Conservatory and Orchid Center, the Braves, Stone Mountain (a Civil War monument carved by Gutzon Borglum who carved Mount Rushmore), Piedmont Park, King of Pops, Decatur Square, Krog Street Tunnel, The Albert, Aurora Coffee, Atlanta Pride, Sweetwater Brewery, Cafe Lilly, The Righteous Room, Jimmy Carter Library, Baps Hindu Temple, Coca-Cola, Wax & Facts, Tin Lizzy Cantina, M.C. Carlos Museum, Virginia Highlands, Dr. Bombay, Dekalb Farmer’s Market, Atlanta White House, Flying Biscuit, Puppetry Arts Center, Carroll Street Cafe, Unknown Confederate Dead Tomb, Cabbage Town and the Underground, Little Five Points, and good old fashioned Southern Hospitality.

What is Atlanta? It’s a Peach…with a red up-do and butterfly glasses, of course!


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