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I rolled into Raleigh on the heels of exploring Boston, NYC, Philadelphia and Baltimore, four large metropolitan areas. The intensity of navigating these cities in sequence, was intense and honestly, exhausting. Raleigh was a refreshing change of pace and afforded me an a opportunity to simply exhale. The City of Oaks is a beautiful, artsy community which reminded me of Madison, Wisconsin: a state capitol city with a community-integrated university, intelligent, creative, and modest in size, that is all about local, local, local.  Known as the Smithsonian of the South, Raleigh is also a living museum.

Here is my suggestion for experiencing Raleigh; first, tune your radio dial to 88.1 WKNC (Americana at it’s best), pick up a cup of joe at Raleigh Times, stroll Blount Street and the Capitol blocks. visit Mordecai Historical Park, tour NC State University, step into Father & Son, Schoolkids Records, ArtSpace, City Market and explore  the gallery district. Eat at the Mecca or the Roast Grill, for a truly “Raleigh” experience. Stroll the rose garden, sit on the Centennial Deck overlooking the greenway, cycle Pullen Park, walk five-points, enjoy a local brew at Big Boss and stand on the Boylin Bridge at sunset. Want to see the most beautiful art museum grounds in the country? You’ll find them at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Within its landscape is an amphitheater, a sculpture garden, fountains, huge mobiles and trails. It is gorgeous. The energy there is amazing, especially at twilight, when music fills the air. Mmmm, such a sweet memory.

Thank you Raleigh.

Thank you Kirsten, Christine, Chris and Michael. Much love my friends! xo


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