Forest City

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 I’m a resident of Portland, Oregon. I know a forest when I see one. So when a resident of Philadelphia said it was forestland, I thought to myself, yeah, right! Well, I’m here to say that it only took a leisurely drive along Fairmount Park and Mount Airy to convince this gal that Philly is, indeed, forestland. In fact, Philadelphia is home to the largest state park in the country…and it’s forested.

Only goes to prove what I know. 🙂

Besides being green, consciously green and beautiful, the City of Brotherly Love is a mecca of American history. From Independence Hall to the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin’s home to Elfreth’s Alley, the roots of this country rise up from every curb in the Historical District. Philadelphia is a city that every American must visit. It holds tremendous historical significance. It is the historical equilivant of sifting through Grandma’s attic. One can hear about the early US colonies, but until one walks the very cobblestones that Paul Revere rode upon or stands in the room the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed in, the stories hold little personal significance.

Here are a few of my personal favorite free and inexpensive sites in Philly: Elfreth’s Alley (oldest continually inhabited street in the US), Magic Garden and dozens of dazzling murals akin to it adjacent to South Street, Penn’s Landing, Will Penn’s Hat Observatory, Fairmount Park, dark chocolate pretzel rods from A Taste of Philly, Phlash Trolley, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Jim’s, High Point Cafe, art murals on buildings, Reading Terminal Market, Kelly Drive running path, Infusion Coffee in the Upsal Station, and Boat House Row.

Thanks Mikaela. You totally rock Sister!


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