Beautiful Bean Town

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 If Boston were a member of the family, she would be Aunt Maude, the educated, interesting, well-traveled relative everyone wants to sit next to at Thanksgiving dinner.  You know darn well she’s old as dirt, but her cosmopolitan ways keep her current, fresh, ageless. She’s complex, witty, and just snobby enough to keep things interesting.

After we’re stuffed and ready a story, we turn to Maude. Proudly she recalls our early family; the brave and courageous before us, the ones who accepted the call, built a nation, and handed it over to us. She’ll wink at the toddlers, knowing full well they’ll find their way. They’ve heard the story and that’s enough.

Reviewing my photos of Boston only reinforced the grand diversity I experienced in this city. It’s old, at least as the U.S. counts time, yet as steeped in history as it is, it’s quite cosmopolitan. It is a fun city to explore. An entire day can be spent walking the Freedom Trail, which includes the Old Church, the Bunker Hill Monument, Paul Revere’s house, and the USS Constitution. However, do not miss the Boston those who live there know. Here’s a short list of what not to miss: Bodega Vintage, Wally’s, Coolidge Corner Theater, Hay Market, Paris Creperie, Bartley’s, stroll Little Italy, Spike’s Junkyard Dogs, Mike’s Pastry, Copley Square, a drive to Marblehead, Regina’s Pizza, Boston Common, Charles Street, stroll the wharf,  and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.


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