The Old Port Up North

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The rumble about how awesome Portland, Maine is began in Detroit, so to say I had been anticipating my visit to the Old Port is an understatement. It is an enchanting place. Lobster traps line the docks, seagulls crowd the sky, and light houses dot the coast. It is gorgeous beyond description.

Portland sees its share of tourists. Seventy cruise ships dropped anchor here in 2011. Thousands more drove, flew and hitchhiked in, just to experience the coastal beauty of this north land. Naturally, with that many bodies walking the streets, there’s the Portland tourists experience, and the Portland those who call this place home, know. Want to intimately experience Portland? Try taking in these local favorites: Go to Silly’s for an insane milkshake, hit Hot Suppa, Local 188, and Otto’s. Stroll through Longfellow Books, Strange Maine and the Cryptozoology Museum, hit the Farmer’s Market, enjoy an outrageous croissant at Scratch Bakery, pick up some picnic delights at Local Sprouts then head to Fort Williams Park for the afternoon, order a scoop to go from Beal’s or Willard’s and watch the sun set at Head Light lighthouse. Now THAT’s experiencing Portland!

Emilia, Bryn and Mary, Thanks for everything. I love you girls and miss you already!


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