Rollin’ With The Rock

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By the time you reach 215 years of age, I’d say you’d been around the block a time or two. Years become decades. Decades become centuries. One’s fame, like a fad, flames and fades. Growing pains flair, hard times befall, arthritis sets in, revival starts and stalls, and life goes on…and on.

And so it is with Cleveland. At 215, it’s seen its share of living, and is, once again, reinventing itself. Yet this wise, innovative city, is generating urban renewal not through sprawling business parks, but through pockets of eclectic shops and eateries within its borders. Exploring the Forest City, with its menagerie of fun, playful shops and markets, brought to mind the likes of a city birthed in the minds of child creatives not afraid to use every color in the crayon box!

Cleveland, like every other US city dealing with economic distress, has endured its share of scraped knees. But the playful child Cleveland is, keeps coming back, staying in the game, cheering on its teammates, waving banners of hope…in crayon, of course!

Some things you just have to see to believe in Cleveland include: Flower Child, Big Fun, West Side Market, Chelsie’s Costumes, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Edgewater Beach, Civilization Coffee and University Circle.

Thanks Lin! I love you Sister & miss you already!











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