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Panning through the dozens of US cities I’ve now spent time in, Pittsburgh is front runner when it comes to spirit. Folks in da burg love their city,  love their fireworks, and love their Steelers. Stroll the Strip any given Saturday, and before you’re halfway down the block, you’ll find yourself singing the Steeler’s song and forking over $15 to pull a Steeler’s tee over your head, right there and there.

I loved Pittsburgh. I love that it throws a good fireworks party just because it’s, say…Tuesday. (Courtesy of the Zambelli Family). I love that Pittsburgh IS Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. I love that the city is smart and classy, yet oh so playful, and it has it’s OWN language!  Check out this link of Pittsburgh phrases.


I’ll never forget my reaction when I caught a glimpse of it from Mount Washington one rainy evening. It was so breathtaking, I actually gasped. What’s to love about the Iron City? Here’s my list of must-see’s when you visit the P-burgh: Market Square, Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, East Carson Street, Primanti Brothers, Public Market, eat pieroghies, Phipps Conservatory, sip coffee in the Will Penn Hotel lobby, Carnegie Music Hall, The Beehive, Mancinis, The North Shore, PGE Park tour, St. Paul Cathedral, Dar Stop, and the Dequeshe Incline.

Thanks Teri for introducing me to your fab city. You’re the best. I miss you, Sister!


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