…When Pigs Fly

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Not unlike the Ohio River flowing along side it, the city of Cincinnati is conservative, steady and slow to change. The economic downturn has taken its toll on the Queen City, especially in neighborhoods already struggling to survive. Of the eighteen cities I have traveled to date, it is, by far, the slowest to recover. My heart went out to those squatting on its street corners, standing on doorsteps, and walking its streets. Cincinnati has an innate beauty and vibe, and is uniquely made of neighborhoods (over 70 in all), which collectively make up Cincinnati metro.

Vacationing on the cheap is easy in Cincinnati. It offers its wealth of art at no cost. The art museum and contemporary art museum charge no admission. The conservatory, observatory (the oldest in the country), and arboretum are free. Cincinnati is hilly, so quick drive to either Mount Adams or Eden Park, affords a spectacular panoramic view of the city nestled below. There are some fun, quirky finds here, namely the American Sign Museum (housing decommissioned signs that have graced the streets of America), Jungle Jim’s (the mother of all supermarkets), Loveland Castle, and Dave Williacker’s Amazing Portable Circus!

Arguably, no visit to Cinci would be complete without a visit to Skyline Chili, Graeter’s Ice Cream,  Findlay Market, or the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.


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