Derby City

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I squealed like a little girl when I pulled into the parking lot of  Churchill Downs. See, secretly I’ve wanted to come here since I was a kid. I remember sitting beside my dad and watching  a race on our black & white TV.  The Derby is referred to the most thrilling two minutes in sports. I suppose they’re right. I probably squealed that long in the parking lot! Oh, the things I get to do while on the road.  I love my life!

Louisville is home to the Derby, tobacco, and bourbon.  It’s also the birthplace of Abe Lincoln (50-miles south), site of Mega Cavern (an entire cave system lies beneath the area),  the Louisville Slugger, U of L, Ear x-taxy Records, Nord’s Bakery, Speed Art Museum, Dairy Kastle, and thankfully, Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.

Louisville is a sleeper town. On the surface it appears that only the Derby and baseball bats live here, but truth be told, it is rich in eateries (4th highest per capita in the US), small business, history, galleries, great architecture, bluegrass, and a lively university. It is on the cusp of the Bible Belt yet deep in whiskey and tobacco country. People here are laid back, perhaps that’s because of the bourbon, or just that the city is a no-stress breeze to navigate.

I had my first Couch-Surfing experience while here. I was hosted by Laura, a student at U of L, and her roomies (they’re so awesome!). I was up to midnight the evening I arrived, scribbling down all the places they suggested I check out while in Louisville. Did I mention there’s a lot to do here?!?


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