Home of the Blues

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The way to become familiar with Memphis is to ditch your car and and ask her to walk with you a while.  Be prepared though, she’s a peculiar dame. She’ll see right through your game if you just want to steal a quick kiss. But if you’re ready to know her, to understand her, feel her passion and experience her soul; if she likes you (and she’s in the mood), she’ll take you on a journey you’ll be hard up to forget.

Yesterday she and I spent the day together, and I’m here to say that, short of New Orleans, you’ll be hard up to find a city with more soul. Memphis has given birth to three children. We know them as the Blues, Rock ‘n Roll and cotton.

Beale Street is one city block of neon, soul food, sundries and Blues. It was here that what we call the “Blues” first filled the air. Live music flows onto the street, and during a long,  lazy stroll, a rich melodic tapestry forms.

Some other must-sees when you come to Memphis…the Peabody Ducks (resident ducks of Peabody Hotel’s indoor fountain are escorted daily in & out of the lobby), Schwab’s Dry Goods Store (a general store founded in 1876…oh, the stuff they have!), ride the old  trolley along the Mississippi River loop ($1), sit a while in the Meditation Garden at Graceland (thankfully, it’s non-commercialized), visit Main Street in the evening and feel the pulse of our peculiar dame, Miss Memphis.

All but the trolley are free!


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