Indy’s Gem

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Broad Ripple Village is a true gem in Indianapolis. It’s an easy place to slip into the Indy way of life. Stop into Big Hat Books, chat a bit with Liz, make your selection, then head around the corner to Rene’s Bakery. Your eyes will grow wide ogling the delights. Look at them all, but you’ll want a croissant. Goodies in hand, walk to the Monron Trail Greenway, find a shady spot and savor the morning.

Visiting the Circle City is visiting a small town with a lot of zip codes. There is plenty of free stuff to do in Indy, like the art museum and canal walk, so you can splurge on a the Children’s Museum (largest in the world), and Indy 500 Track grand tour. Ahhh, the smell of rubber and race fuel. Ya gotta love it!

While in Indy, check out Union Station (the first “Union” station in the country) and Duckpin Bowling, in the old Fountain Square Theater.

My fondest memory of Indianapolis will be the stroll I took along the canal at sunset. The moon had already risen to its place in the sky, the air was filled with music, hushed conversations and children’s laughter. I pulled in a deep breath of evening summer air and, as I exhaled, Indy imprinted itself onto my heart. Yummy.









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