An Angel With Acne

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Have you ever meet an angel with acne? Odds are pretty good you haven’t. Well, neither had I until my visit to Detroit. At first glance all one may see is the acne (abandoned storefronts, vacant warehouses, decaying homes), but if one has the eyes to really see what Detroit IS (a treasured angel, rich in history, spirit, resiliency and innovation), the acne Is less bothersome.

I have to be honest. I had my reservations about coming to Detroit. It’s Detroit, for Pete’s sake. Who vacations in Detroit? Well, has my tune changed!!! There is so much here; from art deco buildings like the Guardian to community spaces like Hart Plaza and Campus Martius Park (I love this park!). Detroit has fine art, baseball, green space, a marina, Riverfront, Belle Isle, and my personal favorite, the Heidelberg Project. Oh, how that street touched my soul. Thank you Tyree Guyton for your vision…and the 25 years of yard art that has followed.

Detroit is rebuilding itself. The raging economic fire that engulfed this town is over, and from the ashes is emerging a sense of unity and community. One morning I even helped harvest lettuce on an urban farm in Corktown. I’m smiling as I write this, because I then slipped off my work shoes, put on flip flops and within minutes was standing in front of two massive murals by Diego Rivera in the art museum. Ahhh, I love my life! Thanks Detroit. Thanks Hostel Detroit.


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