What is Milwaukee?

I’ve been all over this city; east to west, north to south, and it is as the diverse as the cardinal directions. The Polish District is south. The German District north. To the East is Downtown & Lake Michigan, thriving & social. The west side is decaying.

In the west blocks, I found myself the only Caucasian. It’s a world away…babies sit on their mother’s laps in the car. I met the nicest kid there, working as an attendant at a car wash. Justin is his name. His work ethic and pride in doing his best shone like a bright copper penny. It was my pleasure to meet and visit with him.

Last evening while walking The Third Ward downtown, I passed three women in black evening dresses and heels, one of them was walking her bicycle! Ya gotta love it. Unlike any city I’ve visited thus far, the women here love their heels. They wear four inche heels with everything from business attire to shorts. And it’s not because they’re short. Some of the tallest women I’ve ever seen are here in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee truly is a multi-cultural crossroad. I think that’s what I most love about it. That, and it has a spy safe house right on the waterfront…and a public market. It is a flash in the pants compared to Pike’s Public Market in Seattle, but none the less, it is so worth every minute you spend there. Yes, it IS a brew town! It is also the home of the roar. Harley Davison calls Milwaukee home, and they have awesome tours of both the museum & the plant!

Well, I’m off to Chicago today. Thanks Milwaukee. Go Brewers!!!



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