Gallery Page Created

After a couple failed attempts at putting together a slideshow via a widget, I’ve simply created a gallery page within this blog to share a dozen or so images of each city. They are in order of the cities I’ve visited.

I’m in Madison, WI this evening, sitting on a park bench overlooking Lake Mendota, one of the two lakes that Madison lies between. Last evening I watched the sun set from atop the Monona Terrace, a community space created by Frank Lloyd Wright for the community he lived in. Designed in the 1930’s, the city did not build it until well after his death, citing it was too futuristic in it’s design. Ah, forward thinkers… Alas, it is a space truly beloved by Madison residents now. Here’s an image from the rooftop just moments after the sunset. The terrace faces the state Capitol building in one direction and overlooks Lake Monona (the other lake Madison lies between) in the other.

The heat and humidity have finally let up. It’s a welcome relief. I’ve been staying with cousin Jared while in Madison. Madison is a gorgeous place! I leave for Milwaukee tomorrow. Onward, ever onward! 😀




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