Records in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is experiencing record heat. The heat index right now is 111 degrees. I just unlocked my car to get in, and I swear the heat coming from inside is hot enough to sterilize surgical instruments.=D This area of the country is experiencing record heat and humidity. Last evening I literally could not see to drive because my car windows were steamed up and dripping. I pulled over and as I looked around the street, I noticed store windows were fogged up and Metro busses had water dripping from their interior windows. Wow!! And sticky? Whew!

Well, my first destination this morning was to Mall of America. At nearly 3 million square feet, it’s the size of a small country. Housed within its walls are over 525 stores. A theme park is in the east wing.

Alright, I’m off to discover Minneapolis! I’ll check back in later. xo




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