Good morning from Jamestown, Wyoming. This mornings trek down the highway towards Denver is everything one envisions a road trip to be…an open road in front of me, a magical sunrise and good tunes. Life is sooooo sweet! I’ll recap in more detail what I’ve been up to after I roll into Denver. For now, this pic says enough. 🙂
I’m holding you all in my heart every mile of this adventure. To all the new friends I’ve met so far, the pleasure has been all mine!!



One thought on “Wyoming

  1. Thank you, dear True, for sharing each moment. I, of course, am jealous for you are in one of my favorite parts of the country. Your photography is – in itself – giving me solace and remembrance of what means so much to me. I am trying to reach Bill Murray, my friend and artist and Sol – another dear friend who could take you to the places I love so dearly. I am working on Stillwater for it is there that the glacier passed and left beauty unsurpassed. Whatever, precious woman, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I cannot wait for your next post. Love you, and God Speed!

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