Snoqualmie Falls


Had a time exploring Seattle. It’s districts are sooo diverse. Love, love, love the colorful Fremont District, and the Alki is so much like the Santa Monica boardwalk, it’s spooky. The library on the U of W campus was my biggest surprise. What a place!! It’s an old cathedral.

I crawled all over the city, up and down and in and through, and really got to feel it’s pulse. What most impressed me? There’s art every where you turn; it’s incorporated into its sidewalks, benches and posts! To be fair, there’s more people walking its streets with a cup of Joe, but in Seattle the Joe is an art too!

Well, I’m at Snoqualmie Falls right now. I drove out of Seattle 90 minutes ago. it’s on to Billings!!


2 thoughts on “Snoqualmie Falls

    • Bi girlfriend!! Hope you’re enjoying the trip, cause you’re right here beside me. I built a little altar in my ashtray (that’s SO True, isn’t it?), and the heart rock (the one with the hole in the center) you gave me is on it. Your energy, love && protection is with me always :-). Joshua & I did split, but with great love and respect for all the karma resolved. This shift opened up my life in a beautiful way…and now here I am out living with fresh eyes of wonder, curiosity & awe! Let’s keep in touch through the miles. I love & so miss you dear one!!! (I’m trying to post somewhat regularly to Facebook & my blog.) xo, T

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